Evald Okas Museum and Haapsalu Art School Gallery

Vitamin C.

The exhibition "Pre-position" supervised by Mara Koppel includes works of thirty young artists – painting, graphics, sculpture and photography. Most authors have graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in recent years and reached the strategically important stage of becoming independent, which is probably decisive for survival and success of the artist. When composing the exhibition, the objective has been to retain own space for each work, and not to place them into ready-made systems meeting the expectations of the audience or the art world. However, this set of works has quite a strong backbone. The pressures of illusions, which dominated in art in 1990s, seem to have lost their importance for this circle, and conflicts between fantasies and reality have receded to the background. Transitions between major and minor issues, social and personal, external and internal, depictive and abstract, are flexible. Another common feature of these artists is complex-free relationship with their means of expression, which can be strikingly traditional at first sight, taking account of the boom of video and media art. The strongest force of "Pre-position" consists of young painters, which is good proof that rumors of the death of this field of art have been exaggerated, and the new wave of painting is taking constantly more distinctive contours.

Anu Allas

Participating artists:
Deneš Farkas, Kirke Kangro, Alice Kask, Tõnis Kenkmaa, Tõnis Saadoja, Valdek Alber, Kaarel Eelma, Marko Nautras, Eveli Varik, Maarit Murka, Hermes Sarapuu, Lembe Ruben, Minna Hint, Kaija Kesa, Eneken Maripuu, Paul Mänd, Karl Nagel, Heigo Eeriksoo, Kaili-Angela Konno, Marylin Piirsalu, Marju Vaher, Iris Jurma, Triinu Jürves, Mara Koppel, Kristi Laanemäe, Kristi Neider, Liina Vedler, Lii Pähkel-Mällo, Helen Tago, Tjika Rebane, Epp Viires

Supervisor Mara Koppel.